Wow! what can I say, Sharon is the most talented and amazing professional whose generosity to share her skills,her passion and her presentations is unmatched in the industry. The tips and tricked I have learned have saved me oodles of time, developed my ppt capability and allowed me to deliver polished presentations. Just one HUGE Thank you to you Sharon

Julie Jardine


When your audience is multi-talking you need to do everything you can to get the important facts to them quickly. Knowing what to put on your slides to grab their attention will set you apart from the other 10 presenters they see that day! 



Where do I start?

If you stare at a blank page and have no idea where to start, this will give you the answers you're looking for.

Learn how to take HUGE amounts of content and highlight what is important, understanding the best way to display the facts depending on your audience.

Sharon her experience in crafting and delivering award winning presentations as a certified professional speaker.

HOW MUCH: $225.00 




Focus on the audience

Understand the importance of crafting presentations focusing on the audience.

Most presenters design packs for themselves, without considering who they will be presenting to. 

Discover the different audience types and what information you should be sharing with them.



Cull the content

Overwhelmed by content and don't know what to keep in and throw out? 

Sharon will show how you choose the right words from thousands of lines of text or a huge project document.

Lean how to organise your thoughts into a presentation that flows and takes your audience on a journey


Choose the format

Circles, hexagons, steps, arrows, icons, photographs, cartoons?


There are many ways to present data but which one is right for your data?

Understand which visuals you should be using to support the story of your data.