This is going to be an in-demand skills! It could be a great little side-hustle for you!

When PowerPoint just won't cut it!


See this video! Material like this is what your project is going to ask you to produce! Camtasia is a BRILLIANT product. It's cheap, and there are not too many features you need to master to make clips like this. It is, however, a very STEEP LEARNING CURVE.

I'll share what I have learned over the last five years of using this product and shortcut your success.

Let's talk sound, music, video, storyboards, output, storage - everything you need to produce these great videos. (PSSST It could also be a nice side-hustle for you)

HOW MUCH: $295

You'll receive a video recording and copies of the material presented in the course.

This course will be available to purchase as a video after the first session has run.