$225 + GST ($247.50)
for one 90 minute session

Includes workbook, templates and drip feed marketing Outlook code


What can I say?  Awesome is not sufficient!  Please pass my thanks to Sharon. 


I’ve been a change manager for nearly 20 years and have a good grip on ingenuity on ‘making things work’ and still look professional  when there is no budget! Therefore I’m pretty savvy with out of the box ideas!  


I haven’t been to a ‘course’ for a while as they are not really structured for the dynamic environment all of us change managers work in. But this was just phenomenal in that I could quickly learn Some valuable shortcuts that I’ll definitely use forever! And just in 90 minutes! 

Merryl Tamaka

Thanks Merryl, It's exactly what we set out to do. Make things 100% about project delivery!



Attractive, evergreen, just-in-time content



I'll start by sharing my change communications toolkit - the easy to follow, easy to update way I deliver comms in every programme.


Then, here's the difference! I'll show you how you leverage MS Office to deliver those comms like an agency!


Time and time again this has been a project game-changer for me! The ability to deliver attractive content via email. Newsletters and bite-size nuggets of information on-demand, automatically from Outlook.

Sure, there are lots of mail programs out there that do this...but

a) You don't have one of them

b) They won't pay for one

c) It's not allowed in your firewall

d) You don't have time to learn it!

It took me weeks to find this solution, but I developed a way to make it work in Outlook and I'm ready to share it with you so

you can use it too.

$275.00 Including the Communications Plan Template pack.





Create attractive HTML style newsletters or bulletins that look good on all devices.

Repurpose your infographics to eye-catching emails. 

Add colour and graphics to promote the change brand and make it stand out from the sea of emails.



Did you know you can use Outlook to mail merge?  Training bookings,
1-1 appointments, endless possibilities to improve on "Dear All"

Sending personalised messages to your stakeholders will grab their attention.  





The Clever bit..


How to take a small piece of Outlook programming code and store it so you can deploy your messages again and again to any audience, internal or external.

And how to set it up, so it works with one click of a button! Don't worry you don't have to be a programmer.

** Deployment does not work with Outlook Web-Access**



This session includes a 30 page communications plan template. Completely editable and customisable, with timelines and, of course, a selection of one-pagers to share with your leadership teams.