I love change superhero! I completed the PowerPoint info graphics course this year and it was probably one of the more valuable courses I have done. I have used the skills consistently since. I want to do it again just to keep improving. It was easy to follow and practical - just do it, don't wait.

I have never recommended a website more than this one! The fact that you offer free resources keeps me coming back again and again.



Even if you are PROSCI qualified or having an MBA in Change you might not know where to start, especially when you're swamped! This is a simple, common-sense, easy to use framework that just helps you deliver stuff, now!



Just get stuff done

Need to hit the ground running on a new project and don't know where to start, we got yer back Change Manager!

Sharon will share two simple, but comprehensive packs to help you explain what change management is, and how to delivery it.

There are also audit and estimation tools to help you get the right information into those packs for your style of change delivery.

HOW MUCH: $495.00



You'll be sent a recording of the session and notes within 24 hours of the session, to download and keep. 


You can purchase a recording of a previous course from the shop.



Audit your skills

Before you start change planning, you need to understand the tools you have available.

We start with a skills audit to help prompt you to think about what you want to do yourself, what you should outsource and what you should not include, ever!



Explain Change

If your organisation or project hasn't worked with a change manager before they may not know the magic you can perform on their project.


I'll walk you through a pack giving you options to explain and 'sell' the concept of change to your audience.  


Deliver Change

One pack! Time and time again, my change pack is used by the entire project to explain and track the change, because it's concise, simple and beautiful.

Identify, explain, plan, communicate, train, measure, evaluate, measure, and more. Everything you need to deliver change in one 30 page pack




Estimate Change

Particularly useful if you are running multiple projects, this tool will help you to quantify your change. Big or small, deep or shallow?

A nifty Excel spreadsheet provides great metrics you can share with stakeholders to demonstrate the impact of your change.