The Power of Data


Can you crunch your numbers?

You need to be able to.

How many people attended your course?

What percentage of users still need to be upgraded?  

Measuring change adoption validates the job you've done, and Excel is your friend.

Learn how to create interactive dashboards that dynamically updates. They must be clear, concise and visually attractive. Enhance them with infographics or link directly to your PowerPoint deck.  


Cost: $295 including GST



Need some quick stats? You need pivot tables. 

If you've avoided these before our patient straight forward training will guide you through step-by-step and dig deeper.

We'll show you Pivot percentages, slicers and pivot table pages, you'll be producing powerful data summaries in minutes.

Plenty of "OMG how did I not know this before" moments.



Go beyond the drop-down arrows on your data list and send filtered results to other locations. 

Extract only what you need and present it where you need it.

Most important! All this great stuff is taught from a change project perspective. It will be easier to understand as you'll be able to relate to the outcomes so much more easily.



How many? How much? 

Go beyond basic pivot tables and learn how to pinpoint the figures you need to report with countifs and sumifs. Aggregate data across multiple columns with multiple criteria.


Here's how you find out exactly how many people from customer service department didn't attend which training on which day!

Essential for collating survey results.



Add in some drop-down combo boxes and write one tiny macro.

Add in your PowerPoint infographics skills and you have all the tools you need to create Powerful, attractive dashboard.

Giving you the skills, and the templates so you can quickly and easily produce change data magic!

Is this a too techie for me?

It could be!


While our training methodology is patient, outcome-focused and step-by-step, you DO need to have a good basic working knowledge of Excel.


If you can do a Vlookup and IF statement you'll be fine.


If you are rusty join one of our FREE Excel taster sessions to help get you to the right level.