If you think interactivity means; "add a quiz", think again.Even if your subject is fascinating

Updated: Apr 27, 2020


f you think interactivity means; "add a quiz", think again.

Even if your subject is fascinating (hello regulatory compliance) if the brain thinks it can just sit and listen for 45 minutes, it switches to low power mode.

Engage your audience by tweaking your language. Deliver in a way that keeps them thinking and participating, without them knowing.

Here are six of my webinar delivery hacks

Hand-up button.

Ask for raised hands to check they see the next slide and to check they can hear you.

"Give me a smiley face if you understand what you need to do". Asking participants to move the mouse and click IS interaction.

Write it

Request they write down dates, names, contacts. Tell them they'll need these details later. Writing is an engaging activity.


Give time for information sink-in.

"I'll pause so you can think about how this impacts your team".

Allow time for absorption and processing. Personal reflection is interactivity.


"Do you anticipate any obstacles when you share this with your team?"

Allow digesting the material and contemplating the impact.

Click Now

If you have a SharePoint portal direct them to open a new tab, type in the URL and visit the site. Suggest they bookmark it. Interaction and delivering change artefacts. Boom!

Hey Bobbi!

If Bobbi is watching "five ways to fuller thicker lashes" with the subtitles on in another window, using her name in a question will quickly refocus her attention. And wake-up the other participants as they fear they'll be asked a question next.

I delivered my first webinar using Webex in 1995! Helloooo! 25 years ago. I've delivered over 1000 webinars all around the globe. I have a lot more to share on the subject, just ask.

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