What great Change Managers should be posting on LinkedIn

f you're a Change professional and you're not posting on LinkedIn, you should be. A Change Manager needs to digest vast amounts of information and repurpose and reformat that information, so it's fit for purpose for different audiences. Both communications and training require you to be eloquent and concise.

Many organisations are still change-resistant and unsure of the benefits of formal Change Management. Writing or sharing relevant content builds your credibility and supports the case for Change Management.

If like me, you're a contractor, you're often only six months away from your next role, so it's a good idea to advertise those skills to potential employers. Permanent Change Managers are also always building new stakeholder relationships and will benefit from showcasing credibility.

So what should you post?

Start with sharing posts from others. If you read a relevant article, share it on your timeline. Comment on why you think the article is interesting and where agree or disagree. Commenting establishes not only your point of view but also advertises your ability to read information and identify what is relevant to your audience. An essential skill in Change Management.

Next share what you've been doing, or reading. Change Managers should demonstrate creativity and abundant sharing. Often, it's what makes us a perfect fit for our roles. If you found a great way of engaging your audience or a novel way of delivering training, share it! If you've recently read a great book or watched an amazing TED talk, share it.

Remember, not everyone has the skill you have to filter through a sea of information and discover the pearls. And if you're not currently good at that, well to be a good Change Manager you need the practice.

I look forward to seeing your first posts soon.

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