Sharon's templates have saved me countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel and they can be adapted for any type of presentation, not just change management. Her generosity in helping us get our message out in an engaging and visually appealing way is extensive and her paid package downloads are exceptional value for money. So glad I found this amazing resource.

Clare E


When your audience is multi-talking you need to do everything you can to get the important facts to them quickly. Knowing what to put on your slides to grab their attention will set you apart from the other 10 presenters they see that day! 


powerpoint PLAYBOOKS

For when there's a lot to say

What happened to Word? PowerPoint has now become the standard vehicle to transfer masses of information. Slides jam- packed full of tiny word will never get read. There is a better way.

Playbooks look like professionally designed e-books. Format your content in a way your audience can easily digest, and more importantly WANT to read.

You'll receive this fully editable PowerPoint Playbook template with the course.

HOW MUCH: $225.00 



You'll be sent a recording of the session and notes within 24 hours of the session, to download and keep. 


You can purchase a recording of a previous course from the shop.

Add interactive learning features, like Pop-up messages, Slide Zoom. Package your playbook as interactive learning for your teams. Make PowerPoint work in a similar way to Captivate and Articulate!


Plan your layout

Be inspired! Most people tell me they're not creative. No problem, I'll show you where to look for ideas and inspiration.

Next, you'll need to plan your colour scheme, fonts and style of photographs and icons.

You'll create a brand look and feel  indistinguishable from one a design agency could create for you.



Create the framework

Create the layout for pictures, headings, icons and text.

Learn how you create something once and then duplicate and tweak it so you can create playbook layouts in minutes, not hours.

Get must-have PowerPoint tips to format, align, resize, group and distribute.


Layout the template

A template is NOT opening the slide deck you used last time and typing over it.  Using PowerPoint templates properly makes it so easy to change colours, fonts and content throughout the whole of the presentation, in just a few clicks. 

Learning how to do this correctly can set your whole team up for success: saving time, and ensuring consistency.




Add interactivity

Need your playbook to be a bit interactive? No problem. Add in action buttons, slide zooms and custom animation so your play book looks like an online learning module.

If you grab some of the free add-ins out there you can even make it SCORM compliant for you LMS.