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Includes 15 Survey PowerPoint templates.



Ask : Design : Analyse : Present

Do you struggle to create surveys to measure your success?

Do you waste hours attempting to present meaningful insights when you've got the data?

Surveys are powerful tools in your change project, roll out, employees or customer satisfaction, but most people get them so wrong!

Completing surveys takes up valuable time, so it's important we ask the right questions to present the results and get stakeholder buy-in to take action.

This course explains how to design your survey with the audience in mind, ensuring you ask the right questions.  Then  to use Microsoft Forms to create and deploy the survey, next how to analyse the data in Excel and present it beautifully in PowerPoint.


$295.00  AUD


You'll be sent a recording of the session and notes within 24 hours of the session, to download and keep. 




Learn the types of questions you should be asking and how you should use the your question tool to ask them.

We'll talk about NPS Scores, Likeart charts, Yes/No answers, options, checkboxes and when you should use free text.




Using the Tech

Discover how and when to use the different features in MS Forms to ask the right questions. 

Learn about sections, branching, branding and distributing your form.

Learn where to access the inbuilt analytics and how to export data for more insights.

See how you can embed videos in your forms and forms in your videos! Handy for compliance training.




Find out how to download your results to Excel and why you need to understand Excel Tables.

Dive into basic Pivots, and then uncover more powerful analytical functions you'll need to segment your data.


Discover Pivot Slicers to create interactive Excel dashboards. 




Present it

Sprinkling the unicorn dust!

How do you best present the results of your data?

Pie chart, bar chart, percentage, an icon? We reveal the best way to demonstrate your survey results. Of course, 15 templates included.