Three short sessions to transform the way you present project data forever!

Apply it all the very next day.


Everything we teach is 100% focused towards practical project delivery.  Each shortcut, hack and work-around is something you can and will use every day at work. 




This is our Superpower, and it can so easily be yours too!

There is immense pressure for Change Managers and Project professionals to produce great quality materials. Are you struggling? If your MS Office skills are more Windows 3.1 ...this is the course for you.

A jump-start to turning boring PowerPoint's into great presentations, or videos and making out Outlook communications so much more than an email.

Three one hour sessions will transform the way you work and massively elevate your project work. 





You'll be sent a recording of the session and notes within 24 hours of the session, to download and keep. 


You can purchase a recording of a previous course from the shop.


session one


How to turn bullets and boring PowerPoints into great project packs, FAST.

Get shortcuts to draw, format and align shapes to create great one-pagers to replace your bullets.

Discover how to source and use free icons and how to colour them in.

Timelines, project plans, scope documents, survey results. Whatever you need to present, you'll be able to do it quickly. 

See all the slides in the template gallery! You'll be creating them yourself.




session two

Outlook Comms


Learn how to replace your project emails and newsletters with HTML style bulletins that look great on any device they're read on.

See how you can use PowerPoint to create a micro-brand for your project and then use Outlook formatting hacks to send comms that look like they've been created in a marketing agency.

Head over to the Shop and see the newsletter template pack - you'll be able to create those yourself?



session three

PowerPoint Videos

Videos get 8 x more views than emails, and they're remembered. 

With a few simple tweaks to your presentation. you  can turn a PowerPoint deck into a training or comms video.

Learn how to format for readability. How to create layouts you can duplicate. Add pictures, Add animation, even include other videos and deploy high-quality videos.