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09: Excel Change Dashboards (110 mins)

Why take this course?

Whether it's bums on seats in training sessions, people still using the legacy system, or SOP's to be updated, there is always something that needs reporting on and measuring. Crunch numbers and present findings in an Excel file that automatically updates to easily track your success against business scope. Produce better Change dashboards than any BA. If you've been told Change Management is "warm and fuzzy and expendable", you'll want hard evidence to show how effective and essential Change Management is. Hard unquestionable evidence to support your Change Management. Change Managers often lack Excel skills, leaving the number crunching to the BA, but Excel proficiency is a Change superpower. The ability to track your progress (or identify where you need sponsor support) is invaluable. Your elegant dashboards soon become the project tracker that all stakeholders look at.


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