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Staring at a blank slide, not knowing where to start? Wondering how to summarise a 20 page scope document in five slides? Sharon shares the tricks she learned as an award winning global keynote speaker.

Presentation Planning

Create the right content for your audience.
Concise, succinct, targeted.

It's known as death by PowerPoint for a reason. Too much content not targeted to the audience fails to grab the audience's attention. This session helps you organise and illustrate your thoughts and content into a concise pack, getting the right information to the right people in the right format.

Be known for creating the shortest, snappiest presentations.

No matter how beautiful your presentation looks, content is king. When time is short, and your audience has information overload, we need to keep presentations short and tailored to the audience. This course explains how to select and cull information and shows how to deliver PowerPoints that pack a punch.



I stumbled across Sharon on LinkedIn, all the way from Scotland! I have absolutely loved using her templates and expanding my skill set in PowerPoint, and it has been so well received in my organisation that there is a queue of people wanting to do the same with their work!


What you will learn 


Focus on the Audience

Understand the importance of crafting presentations focusing on the audience and why they're listening to you.​

Discover the different audience types and what information you should share with them.

Ensure your presentations are outcome driven with clear calls to action.

Understand the different types of presentation and style, and choose the right format for the occasion and time allowed.


Cull the Content

Overwhelmed by content and don't know what to keep in and throw out? How much detail is too much? Learn what to present and what to send afterwards.

Sharon will show how you choose the right words from thousands of lines of text or a huge project document.​

Lean how to organise your thoughts into a presentation that flows and takes your audience on a journey, selecting the right imagery to embed your message and drive adoption.


Choose the Right Format

Circles, hexagons, steps, arrows, icons, photographs, cartoons? There are many ways to present data but which one is right for your data and your audience?

Understand which visuals you should be using to support your messages.

Learn the best charts to use to present data analytic to tell the story of your change journey and how to help your audience focus on the critical take-aways.

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Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $250.00

Prompts you to really think about what you presenting to whom and what you want them to take-away.

You'll be able to produce relevant content much faster, with less redundant information. Who doesn't want fewer slides in a deck?

Carefully thought out design will support content delivery and drive adoption. Your content will be more memorable, and so will you!

The five minutes left for your Change update at the end of the meeting will be all you'll ever need! Make those minutes count.

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Jonathan Clark, Director, The Eighth Mile Consulting

The more you learn, the more you realise you don't know. Sharon is the trusted mentor for all her course participants, and her approach is one of genuine care for improving the way we work. Thank you, Sharon. Your continued drive to support your participants and your wider network is exceptional.

Grigor McDonald, Change Manager - The Change Office NZ

Sharon's courses and templates are outstanding - her online courses are fun and very 'two-way', and her templates offer insights and suggestions based on her significant skill and experience. If you haven't signed up to one of her courses yet, head on over and enrol - you won't regret it!

Eve Kok, Delivery Manager - Culture, Leadership & Learning at NAB

Sharon got me thinking about the best way to demonstrate Change Strategy, Change Impacts, Risks/Issues, etc. Much better than the standard blank templates as they give me ideas on how to engage my audience and present change management concepts

Is this course right for me?

A basic working knowledge of PowerPoint is required for this course. You'll benefit greatly from taking our Awesome Infographics course first.

Take this course as a stand-alone session or save $ by buying a bundle.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills.

Being able to produce stunning slides and being a confident presenter are essential pieces of the puzzle, but they are nothing without understanding how to tell the story and sell the idea in a well thought out presentation targeted to the audience. Do yourself and your audience a favour! Can I have a longer, more wordy presentation....said nobody, ever!

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