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You need a one-stop shop for all the information relating to your project for your team and your stakeholders. You can't keep track of all the versions and storage locations.

SharePoint Project Sites

SharePoint Communications & Teams sites. Your single source of truth.

If you think SharePoint is only for storage, you're wrong. If you believe Teams and SharePoint are separate things, you're wrong! SharePoint is a brilliant 'welcome mat' to your project. You'll create a project hub envied by others across the organisation. Careful - they'll all ask you how it's done!

A single source of truth where you present and store everything.

SharePoint 365 lets you create communication and Teams sites to showcase your project. You'll make a mini website storing reference guides, videos, events, pictures, and stakeholder packs. Everything you want to share about your project is accessible from one place. Beautifully presented.



his is a game-changer! Sharon’s in-depth knowledge revealed functionality I never knew existed. Apart from capability, Sharon is incredibly generous, sharing her editable templates for free - most grateful to you Sharon. Many many thanks


What you will learn 


Research and Design

Discover the types of SharePoint sites available to decide which is best for your stakeholders.

Set up the look and feel and source the images to make your site stand out.

Learn about pages and understand all the variables you can change to create the desired, consistent look and feel for your project.

Manage content and create menus and links for easy navigation.


Customise Pages and Apps

Discover SharePoint Apps.

Learn about Heros, text, images, countdowns, and many more inbuilt SharePoint widgets.

Learn how to control sections, headers and footers and create page templates.

Embed videos and PowerPoints to bring your site to life.

Create image hotspots hyperlink to other sites.

See your page tracking options so you can monitor how many visitors you get to prove your site is well used.


Share It

Share your site with the whole organisation or just your team. You can even publish SharePoint for external users.

Assign other editors and authors to hand your site over for BAU.

Learn about SharePoint security and how to restrict and grant access.

Understand document synchronisation to ensure you're updating site contents most efficiently.

Sign up and get AWESOME

Get instant access to a live recording of a previous course. No time limits, you'll be able to access the course forever. 

Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $295.00

A single source of truth where you can organise and present all your project materials.

The 'welcome mat' to your project. Make it quick and easy for stakeholders to find and always have the latest information available.

Add access control. You decide who can access and amend documents. Share read-only documents across the business or collaborate easily with Office 365.

Track usage and visitors. Get metrics for who is consuming your information and what they are looking for to help you deliver the right content.

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Sophie Rena, Communications fixer, UK

I’m so pleased I found Sharon. I’ve never been confident of my PPT skills. But now I know loads of handy tricks and always come back to this site if I need ideas.

Michelle Chant - Human-Centred Change & UX | Communication & Engagement, Canberra"

 I've been able to adapt templates for a variety of uses. I've also developed my own templates using the shortcuts Sharon teaches. My clients love that I can produce a series of 1 pagers adopting their branding. Thanks Sharon for sharing the magic!

Clare Eagle, Director at Cue Change

Sharon's templates have saved me countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel, and they can be adapted for any type of presentation, not just change management. So glad I found this amazing resource.

Is this course right for me?

Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office is required. You'll benefit from being proficient at PowerPoint and PowerPoint videos, so you can populate your site with great content.

Take this course as a stand-alone session or save $ by buying a bundle.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to come up with creative ideas and churn out sparkling content, with no budget and no time! We hear you! If you can produce a cool SharePoint site you'll stand head and shoulders above other Change Managers. The SharePoint page will give your project (and you) high visibility. Great for securing your next exciting project with adoring fans.

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