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When you need extra support coaching could help.

Change Managers don't always have the support of all their stakeholders. As well as delivering the change, they often justify why they are needed and battle to explain their role in the organisation.

How do you stay energised when it's your job to plan, educate, drive adoption and keep people motivated?

A 1-1 coaching session with Sharon can help you feel in control and regain perspective. Talking through your obstacles with an experienced Change practitioner can help you feel like you're in control again. You are a superhero. Coaching puts the wind beneath your cape!

If you need help developing a pack, creating a video, or want to set up a group session with your team, let's chat! 

Put the wind back under your superhero cape


If you're suffering from impostor syndrome or have hit a roadblock in your career, a 'reset sense check' could be exactly what you need.
If you can't see the wood for the trees and need good ideas and advice from an experienced professional, book a 60-minute change health check. 

Whether it's ideas to deal with stakeholder resistance, inspiration for a training approach or help to spice up your change delivery plan, 60-minutes will have you feeling like a superhero.

AUD $395


You will benefit from the four-week package if you struggle to get things set up and need more support. Four regular weekly meetings will allow us to come up with potential solutions to problems you are facing and then will enable you to put them into practice and come back and discuss what worked and where you need more support and guidance.

Four 60-minute sessions. Includes the Change Template pack worth $199.00


AUD $1200


Book a six-week career development series if you're trying to get into Change Management or move from Change Analyst to Change Manager.

We'll uncover your skills that will set you apart in the Change marketplace.

We'll look at areas that need development. I'll help you write your CV and practice interview questions. 

Six 45-minute sessions. Includes the Change Delivery 101 Toolkit worth $495.00

AUD $1750

A 20-minute chat is free. Let's catch up and talk about what is right for you.

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