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Oh no, another waste of time survey to fill in. There's one opportunity to do a survey to validate your change is working. How do you not stuff it up?

Surveys with MS Forms

Ask the right questions in the correct format and get meaningful insights.

Measuring and monitoring the success of the Change Project is crucial. Microsoft Forms allow you to collect and evaluate feedback; however incorrect use of Forms often means valuable feedback is overlooked. In this course, you'll understand the potential - and limitations - of this robust success measurement tool.

Documentation so good your team will not believe it was created in PowerPoint.

The cost effective solution for beautiful documents designed to be read, not presented. A 'playbook' is becoming project essential. You can learn to create agency quality downloadable PDFs that not only make you and your project look great, but they are also easy to edit, and re purpose.


Jason G

There is something therapeutic in Sharon’s courses and presentations. Each time I participate in one, I am inspired to do better – Highly recommend them for any change/project professional looking to improve their craft.


What you will learn 


Research and Design

Understand the different types of survey questions and when you should use them.

Explore all the types of questioning tools available and learn when to use each type.

Discover how you can use MS Forms in conjunction with Stream videos to check adoption and learning.

Learn about the limitations of some of the questions BEFORE you ask 500 people to submit the form.


Make it Reusable

Discover branching and sections to enable you to customise your data collection and put the right questions in front of the right audience.

Learn about NPS Scores, data ranking and preference questions.

Find out how to export the information to Excel and pivot the data to gain more insights.


Get the Data

The forms application provides intstant dashboard insights, which are sometimes useful! But not always. Learn which types of questions will provide the right data collection.

Understand how you can further segment and interrogate your date in Excel.

And finally, using PowerPoint, what is the best way to display your data to your stakeholder. Includes PowerPoint templates.

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This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $295.00

You'll understand the real power of surveys. Permission to gather user feedback is a gift. Use it well.

Avoid the common pitfalls people make when asking questions. You won't waste this valuable opportunity.

You'll understand the best way to present your insights to your stakeholders to confirm your findings. Brilliant infographics templates included.

Learn the information you'll get from MS Forms, what you'll need to export to Excel, and how to manage and pivot data in Excel.

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Ruby Hilton, Senior Project Manager, Sydney

I have attended three of Sharon's training sessions in the past few weeks, PPT info graphics, Change Management Tool Kit 101, and Outlook. They have all been very informative, engaging and valuable sessions. I look forward to completing the excel dashboard and PPT playbooks soon.

Natalia Fernandez, Lead Consultant-Learning & Organisational Development

Sharon, you are a lifesaver! I attended most of your courses and have found good use for a few of your templates! Thank you for all the practical hints, inside tips and patience! Thank you also for so generously offering your excellent work to others.

Debbie Heunis, Instructional/Learning Designer | Digital/Graphic Design, University of Auckland

The generosity Sharon has shown in sharing her knowledge and freebies is admirable. Her COVID slides supported many projects, and we are eternally grateful. Thanks, Sharon; you are a star, and I love your work!

Is this course right for me?

Basic working knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel is required for this course. You'll benefit significantly from taking our Awesome Infographics course first. If you really need to crunch numbers, you'll enjoy the Excel Dashboards course too.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills
Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to prove their worth. How do we know your change is successful? What have you done to drive adoption and deliver the change? What difference did you make? Using surveys to gather data is a powerful tool. Make sure you use the opportunity to gather user feedback wisely.

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