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If you've been told Change Management is "warm and fuzzy and expendable", you'll want hard evidence to show how effective and essential Change Management is.

Excel Change Dashboards

Produce better Change dashboards than any BA.

Whether it's bums on seats in training sessions, people still using the legacy system, or SOP's to be updated, there is always something that needs reporting on and measuring. Crunch numbers and present findings in an Excel file that automatically updates to easily track your success against business scope.

Hard unquestionable evidence to support your Change Management.

Change Managers often lack Excel skills, leaving the number crunching to the BA, but Excel proficiency is a Change superpower. The ability to track your progress (or identify where you need sponsor support) is invaluable. Your elegant dashboards soon become the project tracker that all stakeholders look at.



EXCELLENT EXCEL DASHBOARDS is a must-do-course for any Change professional wanting to demonstrate a project's benefit realisation through it's lifecycle. Although I am a self-professed excel-nerd , Sharon shares her knowledge in an engaging, non-intimating methodology. THEN, she provides you the video and templates so you can rinse-and-repeat till you fully understand.


What you will learn 


Pivot Tables and Beyond

Discover how Pivot Tables can quickly give you high-level data insights.

Go beyond basic pivot functionality and learn about percentages, pivot slicers, data pages and pivot charts.

Discover how you can use queries to join multiple data sources that automatically update.

Understand the limitations of Pivot Tables and why they are not always the answer!


Tables, More Than Formatting

Learn how to add, create, edit and rename tables and their basic functionality.

Learn how to use tables in formulas and include sorting, filtering and pivoting in tables.

Learn the two basic calculations that will allow you to create the information-rich dashboards you need.


Present it

Understand the best ways to present your data. You can either export it to PowerPoint or format it beautifully in Excel.

Learn which chart types to use to present data to present your findings.

See how to create dashboards in PowerPoint and link the data to Excel for automatic updating.

The course includes editable Excel files and PowerPoint dashboard slides.

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Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $295.00

Conquer any hesitancy you have about using Excel and writing formulas, and manage data like a boss!

Understand the tools available to you - Pivots, tables, formulas, queries - and know when to use them.

Know which charts and infographics you should use to best present your data to your stakeholders.

Design your spreadsheets so they automatically update as you add new data or make changes.

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Joanne Jackson,
Transformation Director at Frucor Suntory

Sharon I love how simple you make everything. Your creations are beautiful.

Jonathan Clark, Director, The Eighth Mile Consulting

The more you learn, the more you realise you don't know. Sharon is the trusted mentor for all her course participants, and her approach is one of genuine care for improving the way we work. Thank you, Sharon. Your continued drive to support your participants and your wider network is exceptional.

Elke Sanz, Change Director

I came across changesuperhero only a couple of months ago. I’ve booked her almost all of her courses and watch the recordings in my timezone. I’m in awe of Sharon’s amazing skills and grateful she is willing to share and teach.

Is this course right for me?

Basic knowledge of Excel is required for this course. If your Excel skills are rusty, we have a free course you can complete before attending.

Compared to all the Change Superhero courses, this one is the most taxing on the brain! But we're here to support you and help you with any challenges you may face, and the results are 100% worth it.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change is more than comms and training. Change Management is not optional. Proving that can be difficult. Dashboards that measure adoption and track progress against your business scope are essential to get you a seat at the SteerCo meeting. Well-designed Change Management dashboards present evidence that you're worth that great daily rate. Make sure you can do them.

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