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Your Change needs to be exciting! The teaser campaign, launch and Go Live need to pack a punch and grab attention. But you have no budget or skills.

PowerPoint Animations

Promote your Change like it's a blockbuster Hollywood movie

With creative PowerPoint animation skills and a catchy soundtrack, you CAN produce a short video promo for your project.

If you use internal marketing tools such as Yammer or Workplace, the skills you learn in this session will help you make your content stand out.

These skills are also invaluable to help you bring complex project diagrams to life and add interest to stakeholder packs.

Results nobody will believe you created in PowerPoint. Shhhh…don't tell them.

A quick, cost-effective solution for producing attention-grabbing project material. Keep your content in-house, easily stick to your corporate brand and create content you can edit and re-purpose as your project progresses.

You're creating a TV advert for your project, costing you nothing. Genius.


Susan Smith

From the OCM team at Brisbane City Council: Your slide templates have been a game changer for most of the OCM team. Great PowerPoint, email tips and infographics - how to make communications more interesting and to the point!


What you will learn 


Clever Transitions

Exploit PowerPoint transitions. Discover how simple adjustments to timing and automatic slide advancement allow you to create stunning animated video sequences easily.

Be amazed at Morph. An ingenious use of Morph allows you to create animated sequences really fast. Once created, you can re-use them repeatedly, change the text, and change the backgrounds. Get content onto screens quickly.


Animation and Beyond

Dig deep into the animation options and animation pane.
Learn about timing and triggers to make your slide elements move when you want them to.

Add videos inside videos and learn how to manage text and video content on the screen at the same time.

Add music and align it to the action on your screen.

The course includes ready-to-edit videos to get your going fast.


Make Static Pictures Move

Did you know you can make PowerPoint documents interactive? You can! Learn about the functionality you had no idea was hidden deep inside PowerPoint.

Design training material where users click buttons and interact with documents to get a more immersive learning experience.

You'll learn how to use animation triggers and zoom to make 'Articulate and Captivate style' learning without the hefty price tag.

Sign up and get AWESOME

Get instant access to a live recording of a previous course. No time limits, you'll be able to access the course forever. 

Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $295.00

Slick documents that look like they were created at graphic design agency

Stand-out comms to launch and progress your project. Your work will be easy to identify in a sea of communications.

Easy to incorporate your corporate brand standards and still have your documents stand out in a sea of communications.

Create it once and re-use and share with your teams to raise everyone's PowerPoint game.

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Lisa D McRoberts,
Senior Change Management Consultant at AbbVie

Our business world is addicted to PowerPoints, and for those of us who are not "fast and artsy" in the development of slides Sharon and her team are a blessing.

Clare Eagle, Director at Cue Change

Sharon's templates have saved me countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel, and they can be adapted for any type of presentation, not just change management. So glad I found this amazing resource.

Fleur Edgerton, Commercial & Procurement Executive Leader | CPO

Absolutely can’t thank Sharon enough! Her templates are amazing and so adaptable ! Highly recommend her work.

Is this course right for me?

Basic working knowledge of PowerPoint is required for this course. You'll benefit significantly from taking our Awesome Infographics and PowerPoint videos course first.

Take this course as a stand-alone session, or save $ by buying a bundle.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to come up with creative ideas and churn out sparkling content with no budget and time! We hear you! If you can produce fantastic stand-out video trailers in half a day, you'll stand head and shoulders above other Change Managers and command the highest rates. A great skill to have for a side hustle too!

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