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Team Training

Give your team Superpowers

Any of our courses can be customised and delivered to your team. We deliver lunch-and-learn sessions to change teams all over the world. 

Outside of Australia? No problem, we deliver courses in your time zone.

Look which companies have superheroes in their Change teams.


How it works

What drives your team nuts? What are their pain points, time-wasters and biggest challenges when producing project materials?

I have a day job as a Change Manager, I might already have the perfect course for you! If I don't, I can create something perfect for you.

I deliver the session virtually, via Teams, or your preferred application. The session is recorded, and you can keep it for 30 days for anyone unable to attend on the day.

You'll receive course notes and templates. 

Fees for up to 25 participants

  • 45-minute lunch session: $1,925

  • Half Day presentation accelerator: $3,850

  • The four-part lunch and learn series:  $4,620

Here's a handy PDF for you to discuss with your team.


Let's Chat


I love Change Superhero! I completed the PowerPoint Infographics course this year and it was probably one of the more valuable courses I have done. I have used the skills consistently since. I want to do it again to keep improving. It was easy to follow and practical - just do it, don't wait.

I have never recommended a website more than this one! The fact that you offer free resources keeps me coming back again and again.

10433105_10152815004041177_1439319511047664904_n (1).jpg

Our most popular lunch series

We'll deliver four 45-minute sessions virtually for up to 25 people. The sessions are recorded so the participants can review the content, and practice, and they're available for anyone not able to attend all sessions. Includes notes and a selection of templates. 

Cost for up to 25 people : $4,620


Plenty of 'OMG' moments in this session. You'll discover shortcuts and hacks to speed up what you do all day every day in PowerPoint.

You'll learn about layout, colours, and sourcing.

One session will dramatically improve productivity and design skills. 


Content is KING

This session shows how to get the right information in front of the right people in the right format. Learn how to get the 20-page scope into a three page infographic.

Includes brilliant ideas to present metrics and data too!


All about all types of images. Photographs, icons, avatars and shapes.

Learn how to remove and extend backgrounds and how to make new shapes with merge and fragment tools. 

Discover how to display your stakeholders or team photos for events and showcases. 


This session shows you how to draw roadmaps, timelines and circular diagrams. Particularly relevant to those working with Agile project methodology.

You'll also learn how to edit shape points, change template colours and get some cool animation tips. 

Drop us an email to chat about customising content for your team. You can pay via corporate credit card or bank transfer. Click Here to download a printable copy of this course with more details. 

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