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You're managing multiple projects across multiple areas. Other Change Managers are working with your stakeholders too. You're not sure when changes are impacting different areas. How will you keep track of everything going on to avoid change overload?

Single View of Change Heatmap

A consolidated view of all change activities across your impacted stakeholders.

This ingenious spreadsheet system will allow you to assess the changes happening in your project and automatically weight them to indicate the impact on your stakeholders.

You'll be able to do this for multiple projects and then roll them up into a beautiful organisational heat map.

Instantly see the hotspots and manage change delivery to avoid Change fatigue.

Some clever Excel formatting, a simple macro and a basic little-known Excel feature combine to give you brilliant project insights to help you get a bird's eye view of all the changes impacting your stakeholders.

This little Excel spreadsheet will provide incredible insights for your change practice.



Such a huge wealth of knowledge and presented in a really clear and understandable way. So many ah-ha moments. Highly recommended any of Sharon's courses (and will be attending again).


What you will learn 


Weighting Change Activities

Not only will this course help you achieve your single view of change, you'll also learn Excel functionality you'll use again and again in other spreadsheets.

Set up a heatmap to track the activities of a single project.

Learn how assigning weighting for change activities will help you measure the impact.

Learn how to record a basic macro to automate the assignment of the project weights


Roll up your project information

Discover how to roll up the information in multiple projects to one tracking heatmap.

You can do this from one spreadsheet or multiple sheets from other Change Managers.

Use conditional formatting to highlight hotspots for change delivery so you can re-schedule change activities to reduce change fatigue and/or align communications to save resources.


Switch to Project View

Once you've created the consolidated view, you can query the data to show the project view.

Excel queries allow you to provide a schedule of all the changes happening for a single group of stakeholders. Showing a stakeholder when all the upcoming changes will happen will drive better conversations about resourcing and reduce Change resistance.

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Course Price

AUD $395.00

Reduce Change resistance by understanding when competing priorities may impact your stakeholders.

See a single view of changes across the organisation. Understand how simple or challenging those changes will be with heatmaps.

You'll create the spreadsheet from scratch so you can design and adapt it to meet your changing needs. You'll also extend your Excel knowledge.

You'll get a copy of our Change tracking dashboard template and all the required code….but we're confident you'll be creating your own.

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Jenni Flower, Change and Adoption Specialist, Melbourne

Sharon, as a Change Manager myself, your amazing templates and ideas have helped me to breathe new life into my tired old presentations! There is an endless array of topics and ideas and often I find myself combining a couple for even more ‘wow’ ! Thanks so much for what you do - it’s amazing how many tips

Vera Lynch, Learning & Development | Organisational Development, Sydney

Thank you Sharon for so generously sharing your brilliant templates, tips and tricks about all things Microsoft - you have truly made my life and I'm sure the lives of many others so much easier! If you haven't watched her videos then jump on it - you'll be hooked!!

Anna Ayoub, Change Leadership, Sydney

Love Sharon's templates and the PowerPoint course! Excellent content that i use at least once a week. My workplace think that I am amazing. I keep subscribed to all the emails.

Is this course right for me?

Basic knowledge of Excel is required for this course. If your Excel skills are rusty, we have a free course you can complete before attending.

Some basic macro skills will be taught during the session, but I promise it's simple, and we'll provide all the code you'll need.


Having a bird's eye view of all the changes happening to your stakeholder is a real Change superpower.

A single view of change will enable the conversations that stop change resistance. Understanding what is happening to your stakeholders, when, and the impact of those changes will allow you to plan and schedule changes at the best time for everyone.

And, when you can't change the timelines or redeploy the resources, at least you'll have an understanding of the situation to enable the best Chance conversations.

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