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Your project uses PowerPoint for everything. Your documents are full of words and so difficult to read. How do you get your packs to look like a swish e-book?

PowerPoint Playbooks

Create stunning design agency-style ebook-style documents in PowerPoint.

There's a lot to say! It could be a proposal, business case, training manual or standard operating procedure. These are documents that will be READ, not presented. Use PowerPoint to create ebook-style documents at a fraction of what it would cost you to get an agency to produce your PDFs.

Documentation so good your team won't believe it was created in PowerPoint.

The cost-effective solution for beautiful documents designed to be read, not presented. A 'playbook' is becoming project essential. You can learn to create agency-quality downloadable PDFs that not only make you and your project look great, but they are also easy to edit and repurpose.


Valli Beattie

Courses are fun, relaxed and are jam-packed with expert tips on how to make your change collateral look absolutely A grade! Thank you, Sharon for being so generous with your time and skills. You are a true master of your craft, and I look forward to continuing to learn from you.


What you will learn 


Discovery and Design Basics

Understand how to create a wire frame design and carefully plan your content layout and cadence.

Create a colour palette and understand the importance of choosing the right images and icons and how to stay out of trouble with your corporate communications department. Planning helps with consistency which makes you look swish.

Research and preparation are key to success. Discover what will make your document stand out and get noticed


Make it re-usable

Discover how to use the slide master to create page layouts that can be easily reproduced and populated by PowerPoint novices, so you can keep documentation consistent across your team.

Understanding the elements on the slide master will save you time and reduce frustration, keeping your document consistent and easy to manage.

What you learn about templates in this course will help you in every presentation you do in the future. It will save you a lot of time!


Make it Interactive

Did you know you can make PowerPoint documents interactive? Discover functionality you had no idea was in PowerPoint.

Design training material where users click buttons and interact with documents to get a more immersive learning experience.

You'll learn how to use triggers and zoom to make 'Articulate and Captivate style' learning, without the hefty price tag.

Sign up and get AWESOME

Get instant access to a live recording of a previous course. No time limits, you'll be able to access the course forever. 

Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $295.00

Slick user guides and reference documents that look like they were created at a graphic design agency.

Add clever user interaction to add interest and drive adoption without investing in and learning other software.

Easy to incorporate your corporate brand standards and have documents stand-out in a sea of communications. Stay out of trouble with your internal comms.

Create it once and share it with your teams to raise everyone's PowerPoint game. Make it a template and lock content, so nobody messes with your brilliance.

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Larissa Thomas, Sr. Director Talent Planning, Electronic Arts

Brilliant templates, tips and tricks and most importantly, generosity in sharing. I have attended a number of your sessions and always learn something new. You hit the mark in communicating messages to the right audience.

Debbie Heunis, Instructional/Learning Designer | Digital/Graphic Design, University of Auckland

The generosity Sharon has shown in sharing her knowledge and freebies is admirable. Her COVID slides supported many projects, and we are eternally grateful. Thanks, Sharon; you are a star, and I love your work!

Clare Eagle, Director at Cue Change

Sharon's templates have saved me countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel, and they can be adapted for any type of presentation, not just change management. So glad I found this amazing resource.

Is this course right for me?

A basic working knowledge of PowerPoint is required for this course. You'll benefit greatly from a taking our Awesome Infographics course first.

Take this course as a stand-alone session or save $ by buying a bundle.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to come up with creative ideas and churn out sparkling content with no budget and time! We hear you! If you can produce cool stand-out documentation in half a day you'll stand head and shoulders above other Change Managers and command the highest rates. A great skill to have for a side-hustle too!

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