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Your project needs you to produce magnificent PowerPoint slides and you lack the technical skills and creativity. You know you need to step up, but how?

Powerpoint Infographics

Become awesome at PowerPoint overnight - get PowerPoint superpowers fast

The time spent, the frustration! Are you spending hours on leadership packs and change plans in PowerPoint? I'll help you brush up your PowerPoint skills fast and give you dozens of useful templates so you can concentrate on showcasing your content instead of grappling with lining up boxes.

Quickly gain amazing skills to showcase your project content

Awesome Infographics will be the course you wish you'd taken years ago. The shortcuts, hacks and workarounds I teach will save you hours and extend your capabilities, enabling you to produce the documentation your project needs to get content noticed. Do it well, do it fast and be in demand.



I have completed several Change Superhero courses and keep coming back for more because they are SO useful! I learn so many tips and tricks that I can put into practice immediately. Sharon is an excellent communicator and shares an amazing amount of knowledge and templates.


What you will learn 


Supercharging Basic Skills

Discover quick fixes for all the things that drive you nuts in PowerPoint. There will be light bulb moments that will save you hours. Really! There will.

Learn layout and formatting basics. Discover how to put lots of information on a page but keep it looking readable and organised. Be your own graphic design specialist.

Find where to source free and paid icons and how to use them to grab attention of a busy multitasking audience.


Picture Perfect

Learn how to manipulate images. I'll show you where I source avatar-style images to enhance training material, and re-colouring backgrounds and adding special effects to make pictures stand out.

We'll look at sourcing and manipulating photographs, removing and extending backgrounds. You'll learn about re-sizing, cropping and re-colouring photographs.

When you discover fragment and merge you'll be able to create any shape you need. Life changing!


Roadmaps and Circles

Quickly create graphics to present complex road maps, timelines and customer journeys. Your new skills will help your audience more easily understand project complexities.

Create and export artwork for Yammer, LinkedIn, Workplace and your SharePoint sites.

Learn how to manage colours and fonts int the slide master and use your corporate theme in Outlook and Excel.

Sign up and get AWESOME

Get instant access to a live recording of a previous course. No time limits, you'll be able to access the course forever. 

Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $345.00

Stop wasting time getting frustrated with your head stuck in slide decks. Produce great content fast.

Make your project content stand out and get noticed. Help your team shine with visuals that tell your project story.

Build a library of reusable content, enabling you to create content fast. Free up time to have the important conversations that really drive change.

Stand out as a talented, sought-after change communications specialist inside your organisation. Be top-of-mind when they're looking for change talent.

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Ruby Hilton, Senior Project Manager, Sydney

I have attended three of Sharon's training sessions in the past few weeks, PPT info graphics, Change Management Tool Kit 101, and Outlook. They have all been very informative, engaging and valuable sessions. I look forward to completing the excel dashboard and PPT playbooks soon.

Melanie Brown, Senior Change and Communications, AMP

I love Change Superhero! I completed the PowerPoint Infographics course this year and it was probably one of the more valuable courses I have done. I have used the skills consistently since. I want to do it again just to keep improving. It was easy to follow and practical - just do it, don't wait.

Kate Gallagher, Project Manager, Melbourne

Sharon's templates are my own personal super power! Recently on a course working with a group, had to quickly prepare a presentation. Whipped out a few slides from my back pocket - team impressed! Will be signing up for more courses.

Is this course right for me?

Basic working knowledge of PowerPoint is required for this course. You'll quickly elevate your skills and become more creative. Dozens of tips and shortcuts will help you create great content faster. This course gives you the foundation skills you'll need in many of our other courses, such as Change Communications and PowerPoint videos.

Take this course as a stand-alone session, or save $ by buying a bundle.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to come up with creative ideas and churn out sparkling content, with no budget and no time! We hear you! If you can produce cool stand-out documentation in half a day you'll stand head and shoulders above other Change Managers and command the highest rates. Great skill to have for a side-hustle too!

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