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Videos of multiple stakeholders being interviewed? Videos including screenshots of systems? You need text, animations and music? You need more than a quick smartphone capture but you don't have the time or the budget to get it done externally.?

Camtasia Video Production

You need more than a quick selfie video, but you don't have the time or budget to outsource

Camtasia will allow you to create brilliant videos in-house. You'll be able to add content from multiple sources, existing videos, screen recordings, audio, Teams interviews, and line up soundtracks and music.
You'll have complete control of the editing to add animation and text exactly where you need it.

Amazing in-house video editing at your fingertips. Save time and money.

Video is an essential part of most Change projects. Being able to produce videos quickly is a crucial skill. You can create great simple videos in PowerPoint (we run courses), but when you need more control, you'll need Camtasia. Camtasia is low-cost and easy to learn. You'll quickly be able to produce and edit agency-quality videos.


Penny M

Fantastic live videos showing how to’s and heaps of inspiring ideas. Sharon is fantastically helpful and will develop templates on demand and show the steps. Her training courses are snappy and full of really helpful guides - worth every $- thanks Sharon!


What you will learn 


Understanding the User Interface

You'll understand all the components of the Camtasia Interface, and now to start your first project.

Find and use Camtasia templates to get you started quickly.

Learn how to load, locate and add different types of media, such as soundtracks, videos and narration.

You'll add text and animation and use the tracks to ensure your assets display at the right time.


Detailed Editing

You'll see how to overlay text on videos and annotate screen recordings.

You'll be able to speed up and slow down footage, as well as cut and splice to hone in on the content you want.

You'll control the volume and quality of your soundtracks, phasing in and out music and narration.

You'll learn where to source stock video, photographs and music, and about the other resources available from Techsmith.


Straight to Video

You'll produce the video and learn about the settings required to make it SCORM compliant for your LMS.

This course is 100% focused around producing the types of content you need for your Change Management videos.

You'll see the process end-to-end and discover how I make brilliant videos for my projects and as a side business.

Sign up and get AWESOME

Get instant access to a live recording of a previous course. No time limits, you'll be able to access the course forever. 

Purchase your individual course of value bundle and log in to view your courses and download your templates and reference guides.

Got questions? We love questions and are always open for a chat or a challenge. Drop us a line.

This course is for a single-user only. Contact us for group bookings and licences.

Course Price

AUD $495.00

Professional editing video software on your desktop. Make changes in house fast.

Quick to learn and easy to use. With our help you'll be producing your first high quality videos in a few hours.

Be able to collate information from multiple sources. Stakeholder interviews, screen recordings, animation, all on one platform with complete control.

If you become proficient in Camtasia you have a great way of making money working for other Change projects.

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Larissa Thomas, Sr. Director Talent Planning, Electronic Arts

Brilliant templates, tips and tricks and most importantly generosity in sharing. I have attended a number of your sessions and always learn something new. You hit the mark in communicating messages to the right audience.

Debbie Heunis, Instructional/Learning Designer | Digital/Graphic Design, University of Auckland

The generosity Sharon has shown in sharing her knowledge and freebies is admirable. Her COVID slides supported many projects, and we are eternally grateful. Thanks, Sharon; you are a star, and I love your work!

Clare Eagle, Director at Cue Change

Sharon's templates have saved me countless hours trying to reinvent the wheel, and they can be adapted for any type of presentation, not just change management. So glad I found this amazing resource.

Is this course right for me?

No previous knowledge of Camtasia or video editing is required. PowerPoint skills are an advantage for creating animations and icons for your videos. Camtasia is not part of Office 365. You will have to purchase the software from Techsmith.

Working with Camtasia is very different than working with Microsoft Office. The learning curve is steeper than with our other courses. Make sure you give yourself time to learn.


Don't get left behind. Sought after Change Managers have these skills

Change Managers and project professionals are increasingly expected to come up with creative ideas and churn out sparkling content, with no budget and no time! We hear you! If you can produce a cool stand-out videos in a couple of days you'll stand head and shoulders above other Change Managers and command the highest rates. Great skill to have for a side-hustle too!

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