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05: PowerPoint Playbooks (110 mins)

Why take this course?

There's a lot to say! It could be a proposal, business case, training manual or standard operating procedure. These are documents that will be READ, not presented. Use PowerPoint to create e-book-style documents at a fraction of what it would cost you to get an agency to produce your PDFs. Create stunning design agency-style e-book-style documents in PowerPoint. The cost-effective solution for beautiful documents designed to be read, not presented. A 'playbook' is becoming project essential. You can learn to create agency-quality downloadable PDFs that not only make you and your project look great, but they are also easy to edit, and re purpose. There are two recordings for this course. The first talks a lot about layout and setting up the slide master, then there is a second recording, to watch if you would like to add interactivity to your playbook. I recommend taking a break between watching them.


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