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02: Presentation Planning (60 mins)

Why take this course?

Staring at a blank slide not knowing where to start? Wondering how to summarise a 20-page scope document in five slides? Create the right content for the right audience. Concise, succinct targeted content It's known as death by PowerPoint for a reason. Too much content not targeted to the audience fails to grab the audience's attention. This session helps you organise and illustrate your thoughts and content into a concise pack, getting the right information to the right people in the right format. Be known for creating the shortest, snappiest presentations that deliver the right content fast. No matter how beautiful your presentation looks, content is king. When time is short, and your audience has information overload, we need to keep presentations short and tailored to the audience. This course explains how to select and cull information and shows how to deliver PowerPoints that pack a punch.


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