Focus on the Customer Journey

Even the most well thought out Change and Project delivery plans sometimes hit a bump in the road. When the business is unhappy, the Change Manager is often in the best position to pull the project together and refocus the rest of the delivery.

The first thing I do (or re-do) is a detailed customer journey map.

As deployment starts, different parts of the project might start to work in Silos. Installation teams focus on installing more widgets, faster. Project Managers focus on on-time delivery within budgets. Trainers become more polished at content delivery. Everyone gets better at their job but can lose sight of what success is.

A detailed customer journey map, including when, and how the customer interacts with the different areas of the project, can help.

Plot each stage of the customer communication journey. What do they know? What do they see, hear and feel at each stage? And who is responsible for this experience. By doing this, and sharing it with the project, you'll uncover areas for improvement. For example, you might see a new device is installed, training has been given, but a user hasn't been given time to practice or doesn't know who to approach for help. Focus on the Customer Journey.

If you'd like a copy of my customer journey PowerPoint template, email me. I'm happy to Share.

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