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Our courses help you shine as a Change Manager. Gain the skills you need to get your project messages noticed,  drive adoption and measure success.

You're too busy for waffle, and you need solutions fast, so all our courses are short and targeted. You get templates, notes to download and lifetime access to the course. 

Pick one course, do them in any order - What you need when you need it -
we know you'll be back for more.

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Sprinkling unicorn dust on dull project material is your new superpower

Change Superhero tools solve the problems you face as a Change Manager every day.


Our tools and templates are designed to power you through change delivery with hacks, ideas, tips and tricks.Our resources free up your time so you can focus on managing change, not struggling with a stakeholder deck.

Over 350 editable PowerPoint templates.  Short courses to teach you how to use Office 365 to create amazing project delivery materials that get results and drive adoption.




Awesome Infographics

Banishing boring bullets to help Change Managers create amazing one-page PowerPoints.

  • Reduce frustration and increase productivity in what you do every day.

  • Helping you understand what 'good' looks like. Ideas for format and layout. 

  • Full of shortcuts and tips to achieve what you need to do every day, just like a superhero. 

We call it 'sprinkling unicorn dust'. 

At the end of this course, you'll have the required skills to be able to create any of the templates in our gallery yourself! These skills are also invaluable when creating videos, SharePoint sites and training guides.

130 minutes : $345.00 AUD


60 minutes : $195.00 AUD


Bullets to Brilliance

Creating attractive material is only a piece of the puzzle. It's essential to present the right material to the right audience in the right way. If you stare at a blank presentation and don't know where to start, this is the course for you.

  • Learn how to consolidate large documents, such as business requirements and scope documents, into a concise, easy-to-read pack.

  • Discover the best way to engage your audience, present data and draw attention to the crucial nuggets of information.

  • Learn how to craft and create a presentation using photographs or icons in the best way.



75 minutes : $225.00 AUD



PowerPoint Videos

Videos get eight times more views than emails. They grab attention, and stakeholders retain more of what they watch. Building on your existing PowerPoint skills, you'll be able to create a PowerPoint video in around 35 minutes.

  • You'll learn how to format your presentation for maximum audience impact.

  • Create template pages so you and the rest of the team can easily 'rinse and repeat' to create content fast.

  • Add music, narration, screen recording and video inside a video.

All of this is in PowerPoint with no add-ons. No agency delays or costs.


75 minutes : $295.00 AUD


Change Communications Toolkit

This session helps you with your end-to-end communications, from designing and delivering the plan to creating attractive templates and setting up a drip feed marketing campaign.

  • You'll get an editable PowerPoint comms framework, including infographics, content ideas, timelines and email templates.

  • You'll learn how to create bespoke branded project emails to help your project emails stand out in crowded inboxes. 

  • Discover how to mail merge in Outlook to great personalised stakeholder emails.

  • See how to create a set-and-forget drip-feed project campaign. Automatically send a tip of the day, a training follow-up emails from Outlook. 

The session includes a draft PowerPoint comms plan, Outlook templates and programming code for your drip-feed marketing.



PowerPoint Playbooks

75 minutes : $195.00 AUD

A playbook is a generic term for a text-heavy document, commonly used as an introduction to your project, corporate culture manifesto, or reference guide. It's the type of document you'd like to have an agency design on your behalf but don't have the time or budget. You can create something fabulous in PowerPoint.

  • You'll learn how to set up the wire-frame and understand the importance of consistency and planning around fonts, colours, pictures and icons.  

  • Discover how you can create content and quickly re-purpose it for many designs.

  • See how you can create a reusable template so any team member can easily stick to your standards and create consistent documents with very little PowerPoint knowledge.

This session includes two playbook templates.  


90 minutes : $275.00 AUD


SharePoint. Your single source of truth

SharePoint is more than your document store. It's the welcome mat to your project. You can use SharePoint to create a single-source-of-truth site to house project artifacts. 

  • Understand the different types of SharePoint sites available to you and how to set them up.

  • Learn how to choose the right colours, pictures and style for your site. Consistency is key!

  • Create pages, and understand sections.

  • Discover SharePoint apps, such as heroes, countdowns and events. 

  • Learn how to control access and security to share the right information with the correct audience.



75 minutes : $275.00 AUD

Surveys with Microsoft Forms

Measuring and monitoring the success of the Change Project is crucial. Microsoft forms allow you to collect and evaluate feedback; however incorrect use of Forms often means valuable feedback is overlooked. In this course, you'll understand the potential (and limitations) of this robust success measurement tool.

  • Explore all the types of questioning tools available and learn when to use each type. Learn about the limitations of some of the questions BEFORE you ask 500 people to submit the form.

  • Discover branching and sections to enable you to customise your data collection.

  • Find out how to export the information to Excel and pivot the data to gain more insights.

  • Learn how to use infographics and charts to best display your material to your audience to drive decisions.

This course includes a pack of PowerPoint survey templates to help you present your findings to your leadership team and stakeholders.


120 minutes : $245.00 AUD


Measuring Change with Excel Dashboards

Can you prove your change is successful? Is your change successful?
Metrics are evidence you've delivered to scope. Measuring success against your business requirements is imperative. Here's how:  


  • Delve deep into Pivot tables. Refresh the basics and learn new functionality, such as slicers and pivot pages.

  • Discover the full potential of tables and see why they are the cornerstone of dynamic functions

  • Learn the only two functions you'll need to create interactive dashboards to validate and track your change.

Whether you're tracking system adoption, bums on seats at training sessions or survey results, this course will help you not only crunch the numbers but also display your results beautifully.



Change Management  101 Toolkit

120 minutes: $495.00 AUD

Where do you start? You're qualified and experienced, but you feel like an impostor struggling to put one foot in front of the other?


Perhaps you came from a role with an existing framework and are now running your own show. When you can't see the wood for the trees, this course is your lifeline!

  • Explore your strengths and examine your change toolkit so you can design a change program tailored to your strengths.

  • Discover fully editable packs to help promote, sell and explain Change in your organisation.

  • Utilise a nifty Excel spreadsheet to help you estimate change and measure stakeholder impact.

  • Own and customise a step-by-step Change and Communications framework to allow you to hit the ground running and explain how you'll deliver Change and drive adoption from day one on your project.

It's the pack you'd write and design yourself, if only you had three months to do it!


110 minutes : $225.00 AUD

PPT Animation Mini.png

PowerPoint Animations

Do you need a WOW project launch trailer or an interactive learning experience? You won't believe what you can achieve in PowerPoint.


When you don't have the time or budget to work with a creative agency but need the artefacts, this course will get you pretty close to the agency content your team needs.

  • Fully explore the options available in the animation pane. Exploit timing, triggers and transitions to create outstanding content you won't believe is made in PowerPoint.

  • Learn how to create interactive learning material to imitate Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate learning material.

Includes three video reels worth $150 so you can easily update your content to immediately wow your audience.



Single View of Change Heatmap

120 minutes : $395.00 AUD

If you manage or integrate multiple changes, it's essential to have a bird's eye view of the change in your organisation.

This course shows you how to weight and map the change impacts and roll them up to a consolidated view of organisational change.


It's ridiculously simple, and ridiculously clever.
Do it! Revel in your brilliance and adoration you'll receive for your insights.


  • Discover how to create a simple weighting system to quickly and easily plot the impact of each change.  This will work if it's just you juggling multiple projects or if you're collaborating organisation-wide with other projects.

  • See how you'll consolidate multiple projects into a single view to discover hot-spots and better manage your change. 

Includes heatmap templates file (but you'll easily be creating your own)


140 minutes : $495.00 AUD


Camtasia Video Editing

Game changing! With Camtasia, you can produce agency quality videos. Think 'TV ad' for your project. Camtasia is easy to use, but there is a lot to learn, and it's an entirely different way of working. Sharon has produced dozens of videos for Change projects. The learning delivers everything you need to create an agency-quality short video, including voice overs, music and animation. 

  • Learn how to navigate the Camtasia interface, it's a very different way of working.

  • Add sound, narration, movie clips and sync them

  • Learn how to create animations or import PowerPoint animations

  • Find out where to source movie clips, sound and icons

Camtasia is not part of Microsoft Office, you'll need a licence to use it.

Not sure what is right for you?

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I've always got time to chat about where you are on your change journey and what might be most helpful for you at this stage. Drop me an email, and we'll find a time for a coffee catch-up.

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